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Company Fire Drill

On December 17, all office and workshop staff in Dongguan Synst Electronics Co., Ltd conducted a fire drill in the company‘s basketball court for the second half of 2020. The purpose of this fire drill is to enhance employees‘ awareness of safety and fire prevention, let everyone further understand and master the fire handling process, strengthen the company‘s emergency work for fire safety accidents, and enhance the coordination and cooperation capabilities in the process of handling emergencies.

This drill is divided into three parts. The first one is popularizing how to save oneself and each other in a fire, and clarifying staff responsible for fire prevention in each department and duties of the volunteer firefighters.
The second part is host by security captain, teaching everyone to use fire extinguishers correctly and use dry powder fire extinguishers to put out fires on site.

The third part is presented by factory director, demonstrating everyone how to use fire hydrants to put out fires.


Through this drill, all staff in Synst company have improved their safety awareness and have a better understanding of fire safety common sense. Most staff at the drill site can effectively organize and quickly respond to fire alarms, and those involved in fire fighting can quickly engage in fire fighting operations, which will fundamentally improve the response to emergencies in the future. In future, the company will regularly carry out fire drills to promote more fire fighting knowledge.

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