Differences Between Bluetooth Speakers And WiFi Speakers

Differences Between Bluetooth Speakers And WiFi Speakers

Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers are widely used in our life. Below article illustrates the difference between these two products.

First, in terms of working principle, Bluetooth speaker is connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebooks, ect via built-in Bluetooth chip; then plays audio files on the device or network audio files searched on the device. Whereas WiFi speaker is first connected to external internet through a wireless router, then connected with mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and music is pushed to the speaker for playback through multimedia protocols, such as Air Play, DLNA and Q Play.

In respect of connection way, Bluetooth and WiFi are both short-range personal network communications according to technical principles.  Transmission bandwidth of Bluetooth is 1-3Mbps while WiFi can reach 54-150Mbps. Thus in terms of transmission quality, WiFi speaker can achieve transmission of lossless music and high-definition video with better anti-interference ability. They can play higher quality audio CODEC to deliver a better music experience.
Bluetooth speakers employ a "point-to-point" transmission method. The advantage is that it can ensure high privacy and security. In case of many users, WiFi speaker is also easy to be disturbed; music synchronization is unstable in this case. However, unlike "point-to-point" transmission way on Bluetooth speakers, WiFi speakers have another advantage, that is, they can achieve "one-to-many" playback. Users can control WiFi speakers in different rooms to play different music through APP.

In addition, in the playback mode, Bluetooth speaker needs to download the data to mobile phone, then decode audio through mobile phone, convert MP3 to Bluetooth encoded audio streaming media and finally transmit decoded sound files to the speaker to passively play on speaker. On the contrary, WiFi speaker can be used as an independent sound source to play music with decoding and playing directly on the speaker.

Finally, due to transmission distance limit, distance between mobile phone and Bluetooth speaker must be kept within 10 meters. Therefore Bluetooth speaker is more like a portable listening rather than unfettered music listening. 
For WiFi speaker, its transmission distance can reach about 100 meters and it can play audio through walls. It is more unrestricted when used indoor.

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