Classification Of Bluetooth Speakers

Classification Of Bluetooth Speakers

The development of wireless electronic products is unstoppable. The advent of Bluetooth speakers has brought great audio-visual enjoyment to many music lovers. It is also an indispensable device to many families. Here we would like to discuss classifications of Bluetoot speakers.
First category: mini portable mono speaker

Ordinary mono mini Bluetooth speaker
This simple single-channel Bluetooth speaker is most common in the initial stage of Bluetooth speakers. Because of the simple structure and process, no special technical support is required; it attracts a large number of manufacturers to produce. Because of low price, it is very popular among people who are new to Bluetooth speakers. Countless such speakers were on the market at a time. However, due to its own limitations, such as too small sound cavity, severe product homogeneity and and low price, breakthrough on the sound quality is difficult. What‘s more, battery life, about 2-3 hours, is relatively short. These make most of mono speakers be used in fixed places. Most of its users have no requirements on sound quality, so low-cost ordinary mono Bluetooth speakers are easily available in market.

Outdoor mono mini Bluetooth speaker
Since ordinary mini Bluetooth speakers can hardly meet the requirements of outdoor environment use, outdoor mini Bluetooth speakers come into being. It is wireless & portable speaker; and can be used at home and outdoors. It is basically waterproof and drop-proof for simple outdoor activities. However, due to its size limitation, breakthroughs can only be made in portability and water resistance instead of sound quality. In regard of battery life, 3 to 5 hours are only suitable for short outdoor activites. As a transitional product of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively low. This type speakers are small, portable and easy to carry. However, small size means average sound quality, poor bass, and short battery life.

Second category: dual channel speakers with perfect combination of sound quality and portability
In terms of sound unit, this Bluetooth speaker can be mainly divided into two channel, dual channel + one diaphragm, dual channel + phase reverse hole, dual channel + two diaphragms, etc. In aspect of function, it mainly consists of mini household Bluetooth speakers and outdoor sports-type Bluetooth speakers.

Mini home Bluetooth speaker
This type speaker has a greater improvement in sound quality, which can basically meet the needs of the vast majority people. Its sound quality is better. It is compact, portable and suitable for home placement with diverse product designs. However, without waterproof and drop resistance features, it is not specifically designed for outdoor sports.

Outdoor sports type Bluetooth speaker
Outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers are upstarts in the market. It combines various advantages of the previous speakers. The speaker is portable, which can satisfy home use and long-term outdoor use. Due to the relatively high requirements on professional technology and material use, generally only a few large brands design and supply this type speaker. Workmanship of this speaker is more detailed with more sophisticated materials and technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than ordinary Bluetooth speakers; and can satisfy most users. Due to the need to meet some extreme outdoor environments, this type product is specially designed in terms of materials with great performances on water proof, drop proof and shock resistence. Besides, its battery life is long-lasting, generally between 10-20 hours. Their price mostly ranges from USD50 to USD220. This type speaker with good portability and sound quality, is very practical and applicable, and will become the mainstream of the Bluetooth speaker market in the future.

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