Bluetooth Speaker | Qi Wireless Charger with Clock

Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker LED Night Light Qi Wireless Charger with Clock

This is a multifunctional product that combines mobile phone wireless charging, phone answering, LED flash, alarm clock, and clock, and also has a waterproof function.
Multi-function LED Night Light Qi Wireless Charger with Clock | Bluetooth Speaker

1. Wireless Charging:
   - Equipped with wireless charging technology, supporting Qi wireless charging for smartphones and other compatible devices.

2. Multifunctional Table Lamp:
   - Serves as a versatile table lamp with various practical features.

3. Wireless Charging Music Lamp:
   - Combines wireless charging capability with music playback function, providing added convenience and entertainment.

4. Exquisite Modeling of Intelligent Life:
   - Designed with an elegant and intelligent appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of smart living spaces.

5. Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, and Night Light:
   - Acts as a multi-function device, functioning as a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and soothing night light.

6. Smart Partner:
   - Provides smart and intuitive features to complement your lifestyle.

7. Soft Lighting:
   - Offers soft and gentle lighting, creating a comfortable ambiance.

8. Three Kinds of Adjustable Lighting:
   - Allows users to adjust the light brightness in three different levels, adapting to various lighting needs.

9. Touch-Controlled Illumination:
   - The light can be easily turned on or off with a touch, providing user-friendly operation.

10. Bluetooth One-Touch Connection:
    - Enables seamless and quick Bluetooth pairing with a one-touch connection.

11. Enjoy Wireless Music Anytime, Anywhere:
    - Integrated Bluetooth speaker lets users enjoy wireless music playback from their devices.

12. Clock and Alarm Function:
    - Functions as a digital alarm clock, offering wake-up reminders.

13. Snooze Mode:
    - Features a snooze function with a 5-minute duration, repeatable for a total of 3 times.

14. Bedside Soft Light:
    - Emits soft and comforting light, suitable for bedside use to promote better sleep.

15. FM Radio Function:
    - Supports FM radio, allowing users to tune in to their favorite stations.

16. Wake-Up Alarm Can Be Set:
    - Allows users to set custom wake-up alarms for their convenience.

17. Enjoy Music, Enjoy Life:
    - Provides a delightful music experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment of life.

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Alarm Clock FM Wireless Speaker17
Products Name
Multi-function LED Night Light Qi Wireless Charger Alarm Clock FM Wireless Speaker
DC 5V/2A or 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Output Power
1800mAh Rechargeable 18650
Launch distance
Rated Power
4R 5W*2

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