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The Hazards Of Frequently Wearing Bluetooth Headsets

Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation? What are the hazards of frequently wearing Bluetooth headsets? Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more common in life. Now many people like to use Bluetooth headsets to answer calls, especially those who drive. So, is the radiation of wireless Bluetooth headset large? What are the hazards of Bluetooth headsets?

A Bluetooth headset is a device using Bluetooth technology. The use of a Bluetooth headset allows everyone to answer the phone without being caught by the wire. They can talk easily. It is more convenient to use and has a better answering effect than ordinary headsets. Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

No radiation on Bluetooth headsets is impossible. Any electrical device has a magnetic field, and radiation exists in a magnetic field. Evaluating whether an electrical device has radiation is not based on its size but the size of its radiation itself. However, the radiation of Bluetooth headsets to the human body is very small and can be said to be negligible.

The electromagnetic waves on Bluetooth headsets are far lower than those of the mobile phones we use. Long-term use of mobile phones will affect our nervous system. In the mild cases, insomnia and poor sleep will be caused. In severe cases, it will cause headaches, neurasthenia and other symptoms. So don‘t take long calls. If you are playing for a long time, it is recommended to use a Bluetooth headset. When talking, you only need to put the phone in your pocket or bag. Wearing the headset does not need to raise your hands high, and it can effectively reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body.

The benefits of using Bluetooth headsets

When using a Bluetooth headset to answer or make a call, the antenna that the mobile phone emits and receives electromagnetic waves will be far away from the human body. Therefore, the influence of radiation on the human body will become relatively weak due to distance.

Although the radiation of Bluetooth headset is relatively small, it should not be ignored, so it must be used correctly.

The hazards of wearing Bluetooth headsets

1. From the perspective of radiation, the radiation of Bluetooth headsets is only one-eighth of that of mobile phones, which is even lower than that of ordinary wired headsets. So in terms of radiation, Bluetooth headsets are safe.

2. From the perspective of earphones, wearing earphones for a long time will damage the hearing of human ears if the volume is too loud. Of course, don‘t use earphones for a long time at high volume.

But as far as the earphone itself is concerned, wearing it for a long time has certain damage to the body. Long-term use of earphones to answer calls or music, due to the close distance between the eardrum and the earphone vibrating plate, the sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated, which stimulates the eardrum auditory nerves, which can easily cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, hard hearing, etc.; if continuous listening After a few or even ten hours, sudden deafness may occur. Earplugs can cause chronic irritation to the external ear canal and cause ear inflammation; in addition, wearing headphones for too long will always keep your spirit in a state of tension, which is not good for your health.

Therefore, you should avoid using headphones for a long time, and Bluetooth is no exception. If you use it intermittently and the sound is not too loud, just hear it clearly. Don‘t listen in a noisy place, otherwise you will increase the volume because you can‘t hear clearly. It is recommended to wear only one earphone and change the ear to the other ear for a period of time to reduce the impact on hearing.

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