How To Solve Connection Failure On Bluetooth Speakers?

How To Solve Connection Failure On Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are already one of the important electronic devices in life of many people. With their diverse shapes and portable feature, Bluetooth speakers can instantly enhance user experience when you watch videos, play games, or listen to music. However, in daily use, we often suffer signal interruption, connection failure or failure to find Bluetooth enabled devices. In this case, how should we deal with these problems?

Generally speaking, in most cases the reason for connection failure of Bluetooth speakers with device is that the speaker or connection device fails to enter "Bluetooth pairing status". Many people immediately start device connection when the speaker is power on, without enough response time to speaker or device. Apparently, connection failure often occurs. In addition, when we carry out Bluetooth speaker connection for the first time, some Bluetooth speakers will have an “initial password setting”, which generally is “0000” or “8888”. Those who never read the user manual will be puzzled by this. Except above two cases, too far distance, obstruction between speaker and device, or quality problem of Bluetooth speaker will lead to connection failure.

Then, after analysis on cases that cause connection failure on Bluetooth speakers, problems can be accordingly solved. In case of no enough time for pairing, try following steps during your next connection. First, activate Bluetooth on your phone and enter searching status. Then long press power button on Bluetooth speaker for about 5-6 seconds to make it startup until blue and red light flash alternately. Give the speaker certain buffer time to enter pairing state. Generally speaking, within a barrier-free distance of 10 meters, mobile phone will receive Bluetooth connection with speaker within 5-15 seconds.
If activating speaker connection with devices fails, please first open the settings in the PC or mobile phone, turn on Bluetooth, and select the “allow Bluetooth devices to connect” check box. After this, pairing can be completed between speaker and device. If connection still fails, it is highly possible that Bluetooth chip has quality problem.
Of course, if the root reason of connection failure is Bluetooth module problem on speaker, it is recommended to send speaker back to original factory for inspection and professional repair.

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