How To Choose Super Protection Bluetooth Speakers

How To Choose Super Protection Bluetooth Speakers

Most music enthusiasts will choose to carry a Bluetooth speaker when they go out for outdoor activities. Unlike indoor use, the speaker will inevitably encounter some bumps. Riding or driving will especially be damaging to bluetooth speaker.

Therefore, when buying a Bluetooth speaker, many people will pay particular attention to protection function on the Bluetooth speaker.

1. Waterproof performance
The waterproof and dustproof grade of most electronics in the market will be indicated by IPXX. The first "X" represents dustproof level of the device itself, and the second "X" represents waterproof level of the device.

When it comes to waterproof, most people are unware of the difference between waterproof and splashproof. In fact, IP4 has only reached the grade of splash resistance; only IP5 or higher grade can be considered as real waterproof. Only speakers with IP7 or higher grade can be direct immersed in water.

2. Dustproof performance
At present, many Bluetooth speakers are only waterproof and not dust resistant, so the number of dustproof level is directly omitted. However, for outdoor Bluetooth speaker, dust resistance is also very important, because in outdoor environment, entry of dust may affect sound quality and life of the speakers.
Only speakers above IP6X grade can completely prevent dust intrusion. Therefore, for outdoor Bluetooth speakers, you must choose a speaker with a dustproof level of IP5X or higher to better adapt to the outdoor environment.

3. Drop proof performance
Some Bumps will be inevitably caused to Bluetooth speakers for outdoor use. Most Bluetooth speakers are small and fragile; they are likely to break when dropped.
The drop proof design of some Bluetooth speakers on the market today is very considerate. A more common method of drop proof protection is to use a softer case material, with good cushioning effect when the device falls.

Editor‘s suggestion:
For music enthusiasts with outdoor activities, Bluetooth speakers with waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof functions are still very popular. Water and dust exists outdoor. The waterproof and dust-proof rating above IP56 can meet demand of most enthusiasts.

P.S. The SO-002 Bluetooth portable speaker supplied by Synst company is waterproof and dustproof with IP67 grade, as well as drop protection with silicon case.A LED light strip on the top makes it stand out in similar products. Please view below link for more details.

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