How To Choose A Bluetooth Speaker?

How To Choose A Bluetooth Speaker?

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker? Wireless speakers are everywhere these days. All kinds of Bluetooth speakers exist on the market. Many consumers have troubles to choose a satisfactory Bluetooth speaker. Here we will unveit some right ways to pick out Bluetooth speakers.

1. Bluetooth version
A Bluetooth chip is inserted inside the speaker. Bluetooth speakers have more users than traditional audio devices. A mobile phone, notebook or tablet can be very fast connected with Bluetooth speaker. At the same time, Bluetooth version is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. At present, the version of Bluetooth speakers on the market is mainly 4.0. Generally speaking, the higher the Bluetooth version, the longer the speaker‘s battery life will be, the longer the effective transmission distance will be and the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility will be.

2. Output power
In the same conditions, sound quality of Bluetooth speakers with higher power is better. Of course, this also depends on the maximum power that the speaker can withstand. If the power is beyond speaker‘s own capacity, speakers will "vibrate" when working. In order to avoid this situations, manufacturers often stick a layer of silica gel or other things on base of the speaker, which can not only prevent the speaker from vibrating, but also increase its appearance.

3. Speaker
Speaker is a relatively complicated aspect of the speaker. Structure, power and resistance of the speaker will all have a certain impact on the playback on speaker. Of course, the type of speakers, for example, internal magnetic speaker, external magnetic speakers or paper cone speakers is more obvious on the sound effect.

4. Sound quality
Simply speaking, to judge speaker‘s sound quality, we see if noise, crackling and distortion exists; and whether bass, midrange & treble can be well performed. It is recommended to choose different songs to listen to; and not to increase the volume on purpose.

5, Cabinet material
Generally speaking, people with very professional and high requirements on sound quality will choose wooden cabinets. Yet present metal or plastic cabinet can also achieve as good sound quality as on wooden speakers.
Cabinet material mainly affects speaker‘s appearance design. Although a wireless speaker with higher sound effect is desired; but speaker with a brilliant appearance design and slightly poor sound quality is also acceptable.

Finally, the compatibility of Bluetooth should be considered. If you choose a speaker which is not compatible with common audio devices, this will be in in vain.

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