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Car wireless charger product

Car wireless charger product

Support for OEM/ODM

Universal for all mobile phone models
Material: PC Fireproof Material, ABS, Gan, ABS
Function: Qi, QC4.0, QC2.0, qc1.0, QC3.0

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  • Multifunctional Ambient Light Speaker Alarm Clock Wireless Charger

    Support for OEM/ODM
    1. Multi-function: dimmable, alarm clock, bluetooth speaker, App control, answer phone, 256 lighting modes.
    2. 15W wireless fast charging

  • Ultra-thin Smart Wireless Desktop Charger

    Support for OEM/ODM
    0.3 inches, ultra-thin design
    Adopt multifunctional intelligent protection technology.
    Made of fire-resistant ABS material.

  • Magnetic 5 in 1 Wireless Desktop Charger with LCD Alarm Clock

    Support for OEM/ODM

    Charger base with digital clock.
    Adjustable light intensity, used as a night light.

  • Cellphone Qi Wireless Charger Portable 3 in 1 Charging Station

    Support for OEM/ODM

    For iPhone Earbuds Air Pod
    Material: ABS
    Function: Qi, LED/Holder/Wireless Charger Holder/Watch Charger/

  • Multifunctional Alarm Clock Wireless Charger with LED Light

    Support for OEM/ODM

    1. Fashionable appearance
    2. Lighting function
    3. Bedside table/office/recreation room

  • Mobile Power Wireless Charger with Magnetic Bracket

    Support for OEM/ODM
    Magnetic power bank with adaptive fast charging technology.
    Equipped with a ring stand, the stand can rotate 360° and add extra grip.

  • LED Modern Desk Lamp With Wireless Charger

    Support for OEM/ODM

    Desk Lamp With Wireless Charger, combined with tree-shaped lights, can act as a night light.

  • Fast Wireless Charger Desktop Bracket Desktop Organizer Storage Pen Holder

    Support for OEM/ODM
    Wireless charger with pen/card holder.
    Convenient and practical, convenient for desktop management and storage.

  • 3 in 1 wireless charger

    Support OEM/ODM

    Three-in-one wireless fast charging charger.
    For Cell Phones, Watches, Headphones.

  • Foldable Cooling Magnetic Mobile Phone Charging Stand

    Support for OEM/ODM
    Water droplet head (wireless charger) with foldable L-shape body (stand).
    Super strong magnetic ring array inside wireless charging head area.

  • Strong Suction Qi Phone Charging Stand

    Support for OEM/ODM

    1. Compact design
    2. Soft silicone
    3. 7.5W fast wireless charging

  • Wireless Magnetic Car Charger

    Support for OEM/ODM

    The car mount is easy to install/remove.
    Fits most straight vents.

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