Four Things To Consider While Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

Four Things To Consider While Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have become a must-have listening device for many people in their daily lives. Mainly because the compact Bluetooth speakers have the characteristics of easy-to-use, easy-to-carry, and diverse functions. Here we put together four points that you should consider before buying your Bluetooth speaker.

Hands-free Function:
Besides Bluetooth and NFC, the hands-free call is also a very practical function.
In Bluetooth mode, you can receive an incoming call to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone using the speaker with the hands-free function. This is very useful when you are busy at cooking or when you are driving. You can answer the call without using your hands. Therefore, when buying a Bluetooth speakers, you should pay attention to its hands-free call function.

Battery Life:
Currently there are two types of Bluetooth speakers on the market: one is desktop; the other is outdoor. You do not need to care too much about the battery life on desktop Bluetooth speakers. It can be recharged at any time when its battery is low. But battery life is very important to outdoor Bluetooth speakers. When you go camping or traveling, outdoor Bluetooth speakers come in handy; music can be shared. But wouldn‘t it be disappointing if the Bluetooth speakers just run for two hours then the battery is out? Therefore, battery life should be paid special attention to while getting a Bluetooth speaker.

Clear Usage Requirements:
Although Bluetooth speakers on current market are mainly divided into two categories, many types can be subdivided according to their functions and uses, such as those designed for cycling, mountaineering, camping, mobile games, tablets, laptops and other devices. If you like outdoor sports, be sure to choose portable speakers with dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof. They can work normally in very harsh environments. If you often watch movies, play games and listen to music on phones, then you can choose a Bluetooth speaker designed specifically for mobile phones (Bluetooth speakers designed specifically for Pads and laptops are also available). In short, you must remember to choose the corresponding Bluetooth speaker as per your own demands when purchasing.

Audio Performance:
Definitely, audio quality is most important to a speaker. Although Bluetooth will have a little loss in signal transmission efficiency, ordinary users barely feel it in listening.
A trial listening is recommended before buying. Nowadays, many cheap Bluetooth speakers on the market are fashionable in appearance with multiple functions, but their audio is horrible. With exaggerated publicity by manufacturers, some beginners are attracted by the appearance of their products but they find audio is bad after buying them.

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