Brief Discussion about Cabinet Material on Bluetooth Speakers

Brief Discussion about Cabinet Material on Bluetooth Speakers

A main factor that can directly affect sound quality of the speaker is its cabinet material. If you want to enjoy a super sound quality, you must learn more about the choice of cabinet material.

1. Wooden cabinet
It is currently the most widely used speaker cabinet material. Most wooden cabinet speakers on the market employ high-density fiberboard with low processing cost. Expressive power of sound on wooden speaker is generally better than that on plastic and metal material. Speakers with wooden cabinet are the first choice to many music enthusiasts.

2. Plastic cabinet
It is a new type of speaker cabinet material, which looks more beautiful and lighter with more diverse appearances. 
Its price is relatively low but it is difficult to overcome resonance. Therefore the tone on plastic cabinet speakers is generally dry, not mellow and smooth. Only high-density plastic with special treatment can achieve better audio quality.

3. Metal cabinet
It can be regarded as a product with high technical content. The material can be varied; it is easy to process and design. However, it is not easy to balance beauty and sound quality. Speakers with metal cabinet are often expensive and more suitable for listening to some relatively low music. For metal speakers, the sound distortion part is more difficult to control.

Editor‘s advice:
Most speakers with wooden cabinet look more beautiful and their sound expressiveness is also wonderful, which can meet the listening requirements of most people. But wooden speakers are not suitable for outdoor activities, and music enthusiasts who often go out will not choose Bluetooth speakers with wooden cabinet.

Relatively speaking, many people select Bluetooth speakers with plastic cabinet. Although plastic material is very malleable, it requires exquisite craftsmanship. Only a few Japanese brand speakers choose plastic materials. Most of the plastic cabinet speakers on the market nowadays look relatively cheap; they are regarded as toys in the eyes of many music enthusiasts.

If you want a more good-looking speaker, metal cabinet speaker is the best choice. It has high requirements for metal processing and design ability of manufacturers. Generally speaking, metal cabinet speaker is very beautiful with excellent waterproof performance.

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