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They provide access to useful information. Smart mirrors are equipped with display screens that can show a variety of useful information, such as the time, date, weather, and news updates. This allows users to stay informed and up-to-date while they get ready in the morning or complete their daily grooming routine.They can interact with other smart devices. Many smart mirrors are connected to the internet and can interact with other smart devices in the home, such as smart thermostats, security cameras, and lighting systems. This allows users to control these devices and manage their home environment directly from the mirror.

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We have a strict quality control system, a full set of testing equipment and well-trained QA/QC personnel.

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We have one injection molding factory, three SMT production lines, six assembly and packaging lines. Customer orders can be filled and delivered quickly.

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Dongguan Synst Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2003, and is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters.
We specialize in the design, manufacture, trade of consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers, mirror speakers, smart WiFi speakers, wireless charging speakers, LED light speakers, Electronics toys, and aroma diffusers. OEM and ODM custom service is always available to our clients.With skilled production techniques, we can cover raw materials to finished products by using techniques: injection molding, SMT, silk screen printing, pad printing, spray painting, PCBA, assembly and packing.In order to supply the satisfactory products and services, we carry out international quality management standards, and get ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and IECQ QC080000:2017 certification.At the same time, we pass the factory audit of Wal-mart, COSTCO, Argos, Disney and Sedex.

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Smart mirrors are connected to the internet, which allows them to access a wide range of information and to interact with other smart devices in the home. This connectivity may be provided through a Wi-Fi connection, or through a wired Ethernet mirrors have a touchscreen interface, which allows users to interact with the mirror and access its features and information directly on the display screen. This can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience than using buttons or other physical controls.

The Versatility of Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors have come a long way since their inception. Nowadays, they boast an array of advanced features that make them much more than mere mirrors. From providing up-to-date news and weather data to controlling smart devices in your home, smart mirrors offer convenience at its highest.

Features of smart mirror

smart mirrors are equipped with speakers or other audio output devices, which allow them to play music, make calls, or provide audio feedback to the user. This can enhance the overall user experience and provide additional functionality to the mirror.For us, a makeup mirror with a large enough smart mirror surface can hold the entire face even if it is close, so it can be clear and comprehensive; the mirror surface is moderately high and the angle is adjustable, so there can be more mirror angles , such as painting The eyeliner can look down directly, without raising the eyes hard, increasing the head.

The Benefits of Smart Mirrors for Health and Wellness

Smart mirrors are an invaluable aid for those seeking to improve their health and wellness. Through the integration of health apps, users can track fitness goals, review progress, and receive workout recommendations. Furthermore, these mirrors monitor skin health by offering personalized skincare tips. Ultimately, smart mirrors offer a convenient yet effective means of increasing overall wellbeing.

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